Best Tire Chains for Mud


Security Chain Company SZ135 Super Z6 Tire Chain

If you are looking for the best tire chains for mud, you need to check out the Super Z6. It is the latest release of the Z family. This particular chain comes with amazing features and has unique qualities. Unlike other standard tire chains for mud, this one needs less than half of the normal space to operate. In short, to function, it requires approximately 6.3mm. In addition to this, the chain comes in a variety of sizes ideal for SUV, passenger cars, and pickup trucks. If you are looking for a tire chain with a unique combination of convenience and performance, then Super Z6 is what you need. These are some of the top-rated tire chains in the market.

Best Tire Chains for Mud security-chain-company-sz135


  • The tire chain is straightforward to install, and you don’t need to move your car
  • The chains are made with rubber tensioners that help it keep it in position firmly, and hence you do not need to stop your vehicle and re-install the chain.
  • Its performance is topnotch compared to standard cables and tire chains
  • The chains are made from strong and durable material
  • It is compatible with traction control, AWD, and anti-lock brakes

Thule 16mm XB16 SUVthule-16mm-xb16-suv-driver-paradise

This is a standard tire chain but performs better than many tire chains of the same caliber. The Thule tire chain comes with color-coded installation points to ease your work. Also, it features D-shape links that give you the best traction. The entire unit is constructed from alloy steel, which is resistant to corrosion and durable. Last but not least, it needs approximately 12mm of clearance.


  • It has D shape links to improve traction. The D-shaped links are dual-sided
  • Uses corrosion-resistant and durable quality manganese nickel alloy steel
  • The rubber tensions help to fit the chain in position
  • The point of attachments are colored to help you install it easily

This mud chain offers a cheap way to drive on muddy roads or snowy and icy roads. Also, the chain is manufactured in Italy, and it is handmade with high-quality manganese steel to serve you for as long as you are using it. You also have the full diameter and the D shape links to increase traction on the mud. These are some of the best tire chains for mud bogging out there in the market.

Glacier 1026 Passengerglacier 1026 cable chains the best tire chains for mud

The glacier tire chain is one of the best in the market, and it comes with a twist-link cross, fitted with the V bar studs that also fit into the mud and increase traction. Also, it features in-built fasteners that help to secure the snap.


  • The unit is constructed from durable steel
  • It features cross chains to increase traction
  • The V-Bar style to provide the best support

You can easily install this tire chain even without moving your car. It comes with an automatic tightening system that fastens the chain while you drive. You only need to attach the cable to the inside and connect it to the outside. With this chain, you don’t need to have any tensioners. Finally, the tire chain is ideal for pickup trucks and SUVs and even passenger vehicles. Much like our past two recommendations, these are also some of the best tire chains for mud bogging and general off-roading.


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