Thule 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe – Under Review


Thule 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe SUV/Crossover Snow Chain is a self-tensioning chain that helps in a quick external release removal of tires. In addition, it comes with the micro-regulation system, which helps in perfect tensioning of the chain.

What comes with the Thule 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxethule-12mm-xg12-pro-deluxe-driver-paradise

It has a special pattern chain design with double traction plates welded for a better grip and snow performance.

The installation process is straightforward once you have installed the back hoop. Also, you do not need any rubber band for the chains since an auto-tensioner is provided with the package. You need to hook the chains around the tire and slide the auto-tensioner through the hole till there is no slack and drive. Taking off the chains is also as easy as their installation.

They offer the latest technological features and are much more advantageous than the traditional cam-chains where one had to take the trouble of driving the tug forward, adjusting it, and attaching the rubber tension bungee in certain places. This one is much simpler in the whole approach.

Who can use the Thule XG-12 Pro Snow Chain?

When buying a Thule XG-12 Pro Snow Chain, the first thing you should know is to determine if your car has enough clearance to use it. That means you need to choose the thickness and other chain dimensions suitable for your particular vehicle. Many vehicles have very little clearance or space between the tire and the car’s parts, such as the suspension system. Installing the chain on very little clearance can cause damage to the car and can also compromise the whole system. So make sure to always check the clearance before buying the chain.

A quick way to check for clearance is by placing your hand over the rear wheel or tire arch. Feel any obstructions that may be encountered by the chain when installed. Ensure a clearance of at least 21 mm since the chain has an average thickness of 9 mm. The more clearance, the better and safer.


Suppose you have lesser clearance on your vehicle. In that case, you can opt for chains with much less protrusion dimensions or thickness. Chain dimensions vary for every tire size and vehicle model; make sure to inquire about your Thule XG-12 Pro Snow Chain provider for your ideal option. Furthermore, the back tires are usually equipped with a good clearance which makes it an ideal option where to install the chain instead of the front tires.

The chain offers great value for money. It also offers great durability in this age of “throw once you use” products. It also comes with a 5-year warranty from Thule.

Issues that may arise using the Thule 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe

  • They work well for vehicles with enough clearance between the tire and the body. However, it may not be suitable for vehicles whose clearance is tight.
  • Many vehicle owners do not like the back hoop hook-up since it could make their clothes dirty while making the connection. Moreover, the piece of plastic and ground protector found in the package is not suitable for the purpose if the weather is windy.

What do customers think?thule-12mm-xg12-pro-deluxe-driver-paradise-2

Hundreds of customers have bought this product, and most of them are happy and satisfied with its performance. However, some of them have said that they found the chains to come out while changing elevations. Except for one or two of such negative feedback, the review sites have been showered by many positive reviews from users who feel that buying it is a brilliant decision to make. The overall customer rating is 4 stars or higher, which is excellent proof of the product’s credibility.

Pros and cons

So, what do we like and don’t like about the Thule XG-12 Pro Snow Chain?


Comes with a patented self-tensioning and self-centering system. This enables easy and quick installation without the need for any tools or any technical knowledge for installation. So regardless of the circumstances and who is installing it, this equipment can be installed anytime and anywhere by anyone.

Color-coded connections make for a more straightforward distinction when installing.

Diamond pattern for the links provides better transaction, lesser vibration, as well as noise.

Made with highly durable metal alloy and can withstand corrosion.


The plastic case may not last for long; however, it does not affect functionality.

Installation may require you to get down and dirty; nevertheless, it ensures that the equipment is set correctly in place. Removing them also requires the same method as the simple installation.

Closing out this review

Thule 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe SUV/Crossover Snow Chain provides great traction even in the worst weather conditions. It is also associated with a secure and comfortable feeling and does not require you to stop your car often to check whether they are in the proper position.

The auto-tensioner property is one of the most prominent features to look for here. Only a few issues have been reported by users and are manageable.  Thule 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe SUV/Crossover Snow Chain is thus one of the best snow chains available in the market today and is a great choice to make for your vehicle!


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