Best Snow Chains for Honda Odyssey


In severe winter, heavy snowfall and ice are the harshest conditions for drivers and those who cycle and walk in these conditions. Now, if you own a car, one of the most significant concerns is your car tires. Looking for snow chains for a specific vehicle can be difficult. Here we have you covered for the best snow chains for Honda Odyssey.

If you have a Honda Odyssey, you need to get yourself some cable tire chains to help you drive safely on slick roads. Also, the tire chains are convenient, give you excellent serviceability, and are available in a broad range of dimensions and sizes. In this article, we will discuss some of the best snow tire chains for the Honda Odyssey.

You can purchase the chains on Amazon. All the reviews here come with functional features and are fantastic. Check out the full article about snow and tire chains here.

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Thule’s Cable Tire Snow Chain

Thule is one of the most respected companies globally, as far as manufacturing high-quality car tire chains is concerned. Thule car chains come in various sizes, and you get a five-year warranty once you purchase a set of chains.

These chains will come in handy and are some of the best snow chains for Honda Odyssey as they are made of high-quality stainless steel that is durable and corrosion-resistant. The chains also come with tiny links that ensure you have the proper security and safe driving, giving you the best driving experience.

SZ143, passenger cable chain by SCC

This particular chain has a flexible design and is available in many sizes. In addition, the super Z6 comes with high quality and easy installation procedures. If you want to know the credibility of this cable chain, take a look at the 500 plus positive reviews on Amazon; besides, you get a limited warranty once you purchase the car tire chain.

Radial traction cable chain by SCC

Although the design of this snow chain is basic, the chain works just perfectly. But it is ideal in light snow areas or places with un-cleared paths. These chains’ main feature is the fast and convenient installation process; it is affordable and user-friendly. Lastly, it offers excellent performance and helps you drive safely and securely.


Thule XG12 snow chains

If you are looking for a premium brand, then consider the XG12 deluxe cable chain by Thule. The snow chain features cargo boxes, bike racks, and roof racks. The manufacturer aims to help car owners drive safely and securely in icy and snowy areas.

This snow chain is arguably the best snow chain for Honda Odyssey. In addition to that, the chain only requires approximately 12 millimeters of clearance to install them. Self-centering and self-tensioning are fast and easy. Finally, the unique patterns are designed mainly to aggressively gather or collect packed ice or snow. Although it is a bit expensive, the cable chain is worth every dollar. Once you have bought these, you will be sure that you have purchased the best snow chains for Honda Odyssey.

Our Top Pick:


  1. Thule Konig Snow Chain
  2. Thule XG-12 Snow Chain
  3. Security Chain SZ143 Super Cable

Thule Konig Snow Chain: Thule brand is widely known for its best car tire snow chains. They are one of the top manufacturers of car tire snow chains. Most importantly, their snow chains come in several sizes. They also have a 5-year warranty.


Thule chains are the best snow chains for the Honda Odyssey. It is built-in with top-notch steel. These types of materials are durable as well as corrosion-resistant.Konig snow chains

Moreover, its tiny links ensure safe and secure driving. That delivers you a decent driving experience.


Key Features:


  • Durable hand-made hardened steel.
  • Self-centering patented system.
  • Low profile dual-sided D-shaped links.
  • Compatible with ABS, ESP, ESC systems.


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Thule XG-12 Snow Chain: As we mentioned before, Thule is the top manufacturer of high-quality snow chains. Apart from its Thule Cable Tire Snow Chain, you can also choose the XG-12 Snow Chains by Thule. Of course, there are other snow chains for Honda Odyssey, but why do we mention this specific one?


First, you have noticed that XG12 is made of nickel steel alloy and has nylon reinforcement. These types of materials make it wear-resistant to all weather. In addition, the package includes protective gloves, spare parts, and kneel mats. Besides, the snow chains come in different size that matches your tires. Moreover, it requires about 12 mm of clearance only to install.Thule XG-12 Pro


If you’re searching for snow chains for Honda Odyssey, then the plus of XG12 is easy to install and remove. Once you buy, you’ll be satisfied with owning the best snow chains for the Honda Odyssey.

In sum, Thule is the award-winning brand of snow chains. It makes car driving safe and secure in snowy areas.


Key Features:

  • Wear-resistant weatherproof material.
  • Innovative design, unique color code.
  • 12 mm on the thread clearance.
  • Easy to use, install as well as remove.


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Security Chain SZ143 Super Cable: Security Chain has been widely known for its winter protection products for more than decades. Its SZ143 Super Cable offers superior traction for Honda Odyssey. It’s an innovative and winter-winning solution ahead of traditional snow chains. Also, provide convenience features combination for all users.


SZ143 Super Cable comes with a new design family of the “Z” products. It’s designed for Honda Odyssey all over the drive tire. SZ143 Super Cable is easy to install within the Honda Odyssey. What’s more, if you would like to know more about the snow chain, look at reviews on Amazon.


Key Features:Security Chain Company Z6


  • Winter winning innovative design.
  • A smaller amount of sidewall clearance.
  • Superior traction cable chain.
  • Diagonal patterns provide durability.


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Best Snow Chains for Honda Odyssey: Frequently Asked Questions


What is better than snow chains?


Answer: Truly, there’s no alternative better than snow chains for driving in snowy areas. When it comes to snow chains vs. cables, the cables are lighter and easy to install. However, the drawback is that it can damage your car if they are broken. So, they’re not as durable as snow chains. But, if you want to use them on occasion, then snow cables are a great choice.


Should I use 2 or 4 snow chains?


Answer: Legally, snow chains are necessary for one axle if you travel in mountain areas. However, some use two sets (4 snow chains) when driving. However, only one set of snow chains is enough for traction in most conditions. But, there’s the additional benefit of using two sets of snow chains.


Do you put snow chains on all four tires?


Answer: You can use two snow chains on two drive axles for driving vehicles. But, the good practice is to use snow chains on all of the four wheels. It makes your driving in snowy areas safer and more accessible. If your vehicle has four tires, the best practice is to use snow chains on all of them.


How fast can you drive with snow chains?


Answer: Usually, the maximum speed is suggested in the user manual. In general, the top speed of the snow chains is 30 – 50 km/h. To be sure, you can take a look at your owners’ manual. Moreover, driving onto dry roads with snow chains is not a good idea. It can cause rapid wear and tear to the chains, so always avoid this practice.


The Best Snow Chains for Honda Odyssey: Final Thought


There are many snow chains available for the Honda Odyssey. So, we picked the top three snow chains from the market and reviewed them. Our belief is, all of them are the best snow chains for the Honda Odyssey. So, you can choose any of them according to your budget.


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