Purchase the Best Snow Chains & Tire Chains For Yourself

Vehicles are dysfunctional if their tires betray them. Great performance of the tires is, of course, ensured by the kind of tire chains and snow chains that you use. If you are a prudent driver and are
well aware of the road conditions that your vehicle is subjected to every day, then you should definitely use snow chains as well as tire chains for your vehicle.

Winter is such a season that comes with records of heavy snowfall across many countries of the world. Excessive snowfall always leads to blockage of roads. When vehicles try to move through the snow-laden roads, they often get stuck and may face accidents. Snowy roads can thus, give rise to a large number of accidents. Best Snow chains offer the necessary protection to safeguard the vehicles as well as the passengers. If you are looking for more of the best snow chain reviews, check out our review category here. Alternatively, you can also find our best tire chains in review there as well.

There are various kinds of snow chains that are available nowadays in the market that will serve your purpose. Some of the best snow chains for cars are fabric-based and they composite snow chains that have an easy grip. There are low-profile snow chains as well, along with winter traction aids. While all of them will be beneficial in combating against snowy roads, some of them will definitely ensure that you are promised a more hassle-free and smoother ride when compared to the traditional chains.

The two basic classifications of the tire chains are: Firstly, the “classic” ones, which you drive on to and secondly, the “modern” ones which can be wrapped around your tire. The classic ones are comparatively cheaper and are also more durable. However, you have to put much more effort to put on these types of tire chains.

The “modern” types of tire chains are usually the diamond, the express or even the quick chain ones. These chains use the “hoop” system which loops around the tire. There are certain chains which will not need you to reach the wheel well which will, in turn, ease the process of installation and bring down the time of the process to one or two minutes. You will come across different kinds of snow chains and might even want to compare them if you possess a vehicle and drive through snow roads on a regular basis.


Importance of Tire and Snow Chains

Snow Chains

Investing in best snow chains for tires is a great decision when you have to deal with snowy roads every day. The safety of your journey will be guaranteed if you use snow chains. Peace of mind will be promised to you if you use them.

If your car is armed with snow chains, you do not have to worry about the fact whether you will be able to safely return home or not. You cannot help it if the road that you are taking to reach your destination is laden with snow. In that case, snow chains will provide the necessary guard. If your wheels have chains attached to them, then you can be assured of maximum traction that will be generated while your vehicle is driving over the snow.


Tire Chains

Vehicles are not designed in a manner that they can generate traction in conditions of deep snow which causes the tires to spin, get stuck and hence slip on the ice as well as the snow. A thick and rugged surface is created when tire chains are wrapped around the tires.

Tire chains also help a great deal to break down the ice, grip as well as crack the icy road and therefore, create better traction. Even if your car is protected by the tire chains, the driver has to be very cautious. If the one who is driving the vehicle is very rash and hasty, it will be difficult to maintain control. If you are a slow driver, then the tire chains will be very helpful to maintain the steadiness of the motion and the forward movement of the vehicle.

In case you are hauling a trailer, it will be very helpful to have tire chains on the trailer tires too. Tire chains can easily be called the most popular option when you need to combat snowy roads every day. They are very reasonably priced and the best part is that they are a temporary solution to snowy roads. You can put them on your wheels when the climate needs it and take them off subsequently.


Important Issues to Avoid regarding Tire & Snow Chains

The best snow chains, as well as the best tire chains, are winter essentials in many places. Blizzards, landslides and even heavy ice on the roads can put your vehicle in trouble if you do not use snow chains in the proper manner.

Purchasing snow chains, putting them over your tires and yet not following some simple rules will not provide any fruitful result. So these are following issues that you should avoid are about to or have purchased snow as well as tire chains:

Wrong Wheel Size

if you choose the wrong size of chains, the performance of your vehicles can be undermined and it can even damage the tires as well as the chains on a long term basis. So, you should make sure that the wheel size is the correct one when you are purchasing snow chains for your vehicle.

Keeping Failing Chains Unfixed

If you keep on driving with the broken chains, the traction will be much more. So whenever a chain fails, try to stop your vehicle and fix it.

Not Practicing Installation

If you do not practice installation of the best tire chains in your free time, it will be very stressful for you to do it when there is an emergency situation. You will also develop a knack of tightening the chains whenever you need them to.

Driving at a Speed over 30 Km Per Hour

It is highly advisable not to drive at a speed that is greater than 30 Km per hour when you have tire chains on the wheels. You should accelerate slowly as well as evenly and try to ensure that you are driving at a slow speed. Most importantly, always keep in your mind that you should not spin the tires of your vehicle at any cost.

Avoid Rash Driving

If you hit the brake of your vehicle suddenly or drive on the pavements that are not covered by snow or hit curbs suddenly, it takes a toll on your vehicle. All these contribute to wearing down the tire chains prematurely. Also, they can damage the tires on a long term basis.

Do Not Use Them Even If You Do Not Need Them

Do not use snow chains just because everybody is asking you to or the majority of people use them. If you have snow tires, then there is not much necessity to use snow chains for your vehicle.


Best Tire Chains & Snow Chain Brands

The best tire chains that are available in the market now are as follows:

Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable chain:security-chain-company-super-z6-sz143-1-driver-paradise

These are chiefly designed for cars as well as SUVs and are armed with very limited operating clearance present around the drive tires. They are really easy to install and they have rubber tightener that comes along with them. These tire chains promise better overall track performance and are much better compatible with anti-brake locks, all-wheel drive along with traction control as well as monitored systems that are electronically controlled. These chains are also some of the best tire chains for ice as well.


Security Chain Company QG2221CAMsecurity-chain-company-qg2221cam-driver-paradise

Security Chain Company QG2221CAM Quik Grip Light Truck Type CAM LSH Tire Traction Chain is a highway-service chain for light trucks. They are available in various sizes so that people with various truck tire sizes can use them.

It does not require any chain-tightners since the necessary tightening is provided by cam tool. The installation process of these cams is easy. Similarly, the cams are also easy to be installed by tightening the chain around. There are step by step instructions provided for the installation process.

There are many cam and non-cam chains, regular, heavy duty and cold temperature operation chains which have the ability to tow heavily loaded trailers up and down the logging roads. They are capable of providing optimal traction to the vehicle.

They are durable enough and can be used for years. They thus provide a good value for money and can be bought by people who are looking for cost-effective traction chains.

The ease of installation, versatility and ability to provide traction make these chains a great choice among the buyers. It is particularly suitable for uphill or downhill tractions. However, it also finds other applications for a range of tyre sizes.


Thule K-Summit Low-profilethule-k-summit-low-profile-driver-paradise

Thule K-Summit Low-profile Passenger Car Snow Chain is an excellent snow chain manufactured in Italy and is excellent in terms of craftsmanship and detailing. It is made using special alloy plates, strengthening ribs etc. and helps in providing sufficient grip, endurance and reliability. It offers high resistance against abrasion and laceration.

The geometric structure of the arms and usage of tough quality materials help the chain to grip the tyre properly even during the worst climatic conditions. An effortless fitting is possible due to the innovative ratchet system which can multiply the force up to nine times. There is a safety lever which helps in avoiding accidental openings. It comes from the house of Thule, a world-famous brand in snow-chains. Just like the other Thule products, it offers safety, ease and style.

It is very easy to install and remove these chains. They can be easily used in vehicles with a limited wheel clearance. They are made using hardened Manganese Nickel Alloy Steel. This, along with the tight molecular structure and D-shaped links makes it durable and suitable for extremely cold weather conditions.


Thule 16mm XB16thule-16mm-xb16-driver-paradise

Thule 16mm XB16 SUV/Truck Snow Chain is a range of innovative snow chains that help in delivering a more comfortable ride. These are high-quality chains made in Italy that come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

These are superior quality chains made of high quality steel. This helps in getting a smaller gauge and thus ensures a complete ride. If you know the correct way of installing the chains you will find no problems in operating them. Also, they are solid unlike the flimsy cables that are often used instead of these chains.

The installation process is quite easy. There are simple instructions to be followed and colored links which help you to find the right way of connecting things. As a result, you can easily make your car’s way out from the snow where it is usually difficult to remove the stuck cars. So no need to kneel in the snow at the side of the road. You do not need to use any separate rubber tighteners with these chains.

They are thus ideal chains for the snowy regions and help you get your car out of the snow quite easily. However you cannot use them in other areas like pavements.


Security Chain Company QG3210CAMsecurity-chain-company-qg3210cam-quik-grip-driver-paradise

The Security Chain Company QG3210CAM Quik Grip Wide Base Type CAM-DH Light Truck Tire Traction Chain is a versatile chain that can be used in different types of vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, airport transporters, ATVs, garden tractor, passenger cars etc. These are durable chains which are suitable for on-road and off-road use.

They fit the vehicles extremely well and provide great functionality. They are also quite durable and offer great value for money. The approximate price for buying is around $100. They are capable of pulling the car through a considerably long distance.

They are coated with a thick paint and are thus resistant to rust. They also offer great traction in the snow. They also come with the CAM tool and thus do not require you to buy tightening tools. They are tough enough to remain intact through various seasons.

The Security Chain Company QG3210CAM Quik Grip Wide Base Type CAM-DH Light Truck Tire Traction Chain is a great solution for the trucks or other such vehicles that are not road-worthy. It is a great buy for its price and can be considered as one of the best quick grip chains from the Security Chain Company.


Security Chain Company QG1850security-chain-company-qg1850-driver-paradise

The Security Chain Company QG1850 is a pair of Quik Grip V-Bar Type chain suitable for Tire Traction in RP Passenger Vehicle. These chains are made of durable carbon steels and offer great traction.  They come with twisted links and are meant for on-road and off-road usage.

They are especially designed for those who take regular rides along the hill slopes. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using it as in all the other chains.

They are strong and sturdy. They are suitable for a variety of vehicles such as SUV, trucks, airport transfers, ATVs, garden tractors, snowblowers and forklift machines. They are accompanied by steel lugs that help in digging into the ice.

They help in gripping the mountain slopes perfectly and thus prevent the vehicle from sliding.

Being made of durable carbon steel, these chains last long and offer a great value for money. It also has good braking performance distance, braking performance control and handling performance covering.

The chains are one-of-a-kind and help in gripping strongly. They are also rightly priced and last long. If you are looking for a pair of affordable V-bar chains for your vehicle, particularly to serve you in the hilly areas, these chains are a must-buy for you.


QG2228CAM Quik Gripsecurity-chain-company-qg2228cam-driver-paradise

QG2228CAM Quik Grip Light Truck Type CAM LSH Tire Traction Chain by Security Chain Company is a range of both cam and non-cam chains which may be regular, heavy duty and cold temperature operation chains. They help in providing the necessary traction to a vehicle and act as great alternatives to a cable chain.

They provide excellent service to the light-weight trucks operating in the highway. A cam tool is provided for tightening and you do not need any tighteners for the purpose.

You will find step-by-step instructions for a successful installation of the chains. Once installed, it can be used for a considerably long period of time. This durable product is available at an affordable cost. Both the Cam Style and Non-Cam Style chains are on Amazon.

It works great for cable chains where clearance is not a problem.

Overall it is a great product to buy. Its sturdiness, durability and adjustability make it a great choice among the vehicle-owners who are looking for chains to operate their trucks on highway. If your vehicle has got clearance problems it would be advisable not to use this product. Otherwise it is recommendable to buy it for optimum traction.


Glacier H2816SC Light Trick V-Bar Twist Link Tire Chain:glacier-chains-h2816sc-1-driver-paradise

These are twist link cross chains that are made of tough carbon steel and are armed with welded V-Bar. These chains always promise a good fit since they come with locking side-cams. These are the best tire chains which are highly functional for your SUV, truck or even van. They have lever end fastener which helps in easy mounting. Also, users are of the opinion that these chains are very aggressive on the road until and unless it has a large ice or even snowpack buildup.


Thule 12mm CB12 Passenger car Snow Chain of Size 090:thule-12mm-cb12-driver-paradise-1

These chains are available in pairs and are constructed from superior quality of steel. This allows for a smaller gauge that ensures a more comfortable ride. These are the best snow chains for car tires and their installing can be done very efficiently since they come with color coded assembly points. The product life, as well as the traction, is increased with the help of the dual-sided links that are D-Shaped.


A pair of Gudcraft Size 50 Passenger Car Snow Chain:pair-of-gudcraft-size-60-driver-paradise

Measuring 12 mm, these chains are very affordable. The installation procedure is super-easy. Users have said that they have used these regularly throughout the season of winter and there has been no visible sign of wear or even failure on the rubber or metal of the chains. They work the best as emergency chains though some users have said that it is very difficult to sort them out if they get tangled once. These are some of the best snow chains on the market.



Can snow chains still be used for vehicles that have limited clearance?

  • If you place your hand on top of the wheel, you can understand whether your vehicle has a clearance problem or not. There are certain snow chains that do not need any clearance at the back of the wheel when it fixes to the wheel nut located on the outside of the wheel which makes it suitable for most of the vehicles. A snow sock can also be used as a solution which is a textile cover which helps the vehicle to improve grip on the snowy roads.

How many snow chains are necessary?

  • They are usually sold in pairs and 2 chains are sufficient. If it is a four-wheeled vehicle, then the chains are fitted to the front wheel usually. However, if the space between the wheel and the front suspension of the vehicle is restricted, then you should fit the chains to the rear wheels.

Do you think that snow chains are legal?

  • Yes, they are legal as long as they are not harmful to the surface of the road in any manner. This implies that one should use best snow chains only on roads that are covered with snow and remove them as soon as they are driving in tarmac roads. There are certain areas across different countries where the usage of snow chains is compulsory.

How fast can one drive while using the tire chains?

  • It is always advisable to maintain caution while driving with tire chains. You can reach a maximum speed of 30 km per hour. You should also drive gently when the wheels of your vehicle have best tire chains.

What should one do for the maintenance of tire chains?

  • Use warm soapy water to wash the tire chains after usage and use a firm brush to get rid of any kind of salt residue or even muck. After you hang the chains to dry, spray them with WD40 which will prevent corrosion on the chains.

Can tire chains be used in tarmac?

  • They are designed in such a way that they can be used on snow and ice. It is not proper to drive on tarmac since it will erode the chains very fast and will increase the possibilities of breaking them. You can use the best tire chains in motorhomes as well and in muddy roads too.


Closing Out

Snow chains and tire chains are mandatory nowadays, especially in areas where snowfall is very dominant.The Best new chains for cars and vehicles will greatly reduce any kind of accidents that may occur. This is a perfect buying point and should convince you to buy simply because everybody should be worried about their safety at all times.

These products are available in huge quantities across the online stores and online shopping sites. Purchasing the best snow chains and best tire chains you can for the money is essential to keeping your financial situation good and safety in good hands. If you feel that you should invest in the best snow chains or even best tire chains, purchase them as soon as possible. After all, safety comes first!

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