Security Chain Company SZ134 Super Z6 in Review


Security Chain Company SZ134 Super Z6 Cable Chain is a great traction chain for passenger cars, pickups, and SUVs. It meets the class “S” clearance requirements. It is mainly suitable for on-road purposes and makes the ride in these vehicles smoother.

Features & characterizations of the Security Chain Company SZ134security-chain-company-sz134-super-z6-driver-paradise

It differs from other chains of the Security Chain Company “Z” models concerning the space required. The side clearance needed is just 6mm. In addition, the chain is far more durable than the others thanks to the alloy steel used in its manufacture. Other remarkable features include constant traction, aggressive starting, stopping, cornering, and compatibility with vehicles having traction control and electronically monitored brake systems.

The chain has its advantages and disadvantages, which are discussed as follows:

Highlights of the chains

It is easy to install the cable without moving the vehicle since there is a split outside cord with two fastening positions. Also, they tend to run more slack compared to the manually adjustable models, making installation further easy. The diagonal cross-member pattern makes it far more durable than the traditional models. The usage of metal steel also makes these cable chains long-lasting.

The chains are versatile and can be customized according to the type of vehicle they’re being used on. Moreover, every user can enjoy unique features like the “designed-in” rubber tightener and all-around traction performance.

Features like compatibility with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drives, and electronically monitored control systems help correctly handle the vehicle. In addition, it is uniquely designed with high-performance targets. This unique design saves the car from potential damage and enables you to drive at a speed of 30mph, even on snowy roads, without causing any damage to these roads.

You can put on these chains and remove them once their task is over quite quickly, within 3 minutes. Once you are accustomed to it, it will take even lesser time of 2min. So, you can easily make your car’s way out of the snow and not have to bear the biting cold for long.

Problems people have faced while using chains.

  • The clips meant for tightening the chain may come out with usage. Also, the rubber coating may wear away. Thus, the product’s effectiveness might be hampered due to these issues.
  • There is not enough clearance from the front suspension.

Closing out the Security Chain Company SZ134 review

The Security Chain Company SZ134 Super Z6 Cable Chain is available on Amazon for a reasonable price. The ease of installation, superior design, and quality features contribute to a great ride experience with these vehicles. These chains may be worth buying if you want an excellent chain that can provide sufficient traction for your car during snow or along the slopes.


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