Security Chain Company ZT735 in Review


Security Chain Company ZT735 Super Z LT Light Truck and SUV Tire Traction Chain – Set of 2 Review

Experts suggest not driving at a speed over 30mph under cold conditions. Snow chains help a great deal in ensuring a safe drive. Under extreme snowy conditions, snow chains will provide enhanced traction and better braking.

Snow chains for tires are an ideal option to drive in extreme weather and on unfavorable roads.  Although these are not intended for high speeds or highway use, you can go on with your daily chores with these chains. Driving to school, work or a diaper run in snowy weather is a possibility with snow chains.

In Depth Look at the Security Chain Company ZT735security-chain-company-zt735-driver-paradise

Security Chain Company is one of those companies that provide powerful snow chains in assorted designs for all types of terrains. This article reviews one of the best safety chains available in the market today – ZT735 Z LT Light Truck and SUV Tire Traction Chain.


• The installation process is quick and easy. The fitting process comes with instructions and illustrations making it easy and straightforward.

• It features a sturdy rubber tensioner to hold the unit tightly against the wheels. So once you install there is no need to retighten the loops.

• The snow chains are made of tough components that are strong enough for utility, sports vehicles, and pickups. You can use it for anti-lock brakes, SUVs, ABS, 4x4s, and all-wheel drives.

• This light truck traction chain is also compact enough to meet SAE class-S requirement for vehicles with low or limited clearance.

•  It comes with a diagonal Z pattern that enables enhanced grip and traction on the snow. These features make this security chain a perfect option when you have to drive on untreated and icy roads.

• It comes with a set of two chains, a container, and a pair of hand gloves. So you will need two sets for four wheels to ensure that your wheels are aligned. The gloves keep your hands clean and prevent freezing while installing the chains whereas the storage container can snugly hold the chains after you remove them.

Compared to conventional tire chains the ZT735 is a simple to use security chain. The installation is quite easy lay the cables in the front or behind the wheels and then run the tires over the chains then drape them over the wheels. The chains are then held in place with a hook and clog on the outside. The rubber bands connect to the outside with ease, and they hold the cables tightly on the tires.


  • They fit snugly on a wide range of vehicles, including low clearance vehicles
  • You don’t have to stop to install or retighten the chains
  • They are not as noisy as conventional chain designs
  • They give better traction than conventional tires
  • There is a low risk of potential damage to the car
  • It is quick and easy to install
  • Gloves and a container are included along with a set of two chains.


  • You cannot drive at high speeds
  • It takes time to get the right alignments
  • It requires careful measurement of tires before purchasing the products.
  • The chains tend to tangle up during storage so they need to be carefully stored.
  • It is hard to remove once you install the chains.

Pricing and final thoughts of the Security Chain Company ZT735

The ZT735 security chain is available on Amazon for less than $150. The customer reviews are positive, and the product has received a 4.5/5 rating out of 221 customer reviews.

Majority of the reviews on Amazon state that the product is functional and efficient. The easy installation and the snug-fitting are the major plus points, whereas the fitting chart does not match some customers’ expectations. There are instances of the chain falling apart during usage, but breakage can be avoided with proper installation and the right fittings.

Some of the interesting reviews include

“Chains work great! Easy to put on! I got for my FJ Cruiser 4×4 but bought them anyway for extra traction.”

“Great Construction. Packaged well and a great-looking product. So far I haven’t “needed” to use them, but they are constructed well. I have no doubt they will perform as required.”

Closing out these are great for anyone looking to get the best bang for their buck.


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