Security Chain Company SZ486 Tire Chains in Review


Security Chain Company SZ486 Super Z8 8mm Commercial and Light Truck Tire Traction Chain is a traction chain specially designed for trucks, SUVs and large pickups. It is mainly designed for vehicles with restricted clearance around the drive tires.

Features of the Security Chain Company SZ486 Tire Chains

One of the significant features of the product is that it takes less than half of the space taken by the other cables to operate. It just needs 6mm (approximately ¼ inches) for the purpose. Apart from this, it also provides constant traction, aggressive starting, stopping and cornering thanks to the diagonal pattern. It is compatible with the vehicles that have traction control and electronically monitored brake systems. It is mainly meant for winter driving for trucks under 20,000 pounds of weight.


Features that are worth looking at in-depth

The chain is quite easy to install. It is featured by the self-centering install. The installation process can be completed without moving the vehicle.  So, you do not need to stop it and retighten.

You will also find different useful items that you need for installing the chain such as chains, plastic gloves, rubber tensioners, re-usable nylon bag and even a user manual that has the simple instructions written on it.

The chain is highly durable, thanks to the alloy steel used for manufacturing the coils. You can use it for years, even after excessively usage during the winter.  It firmly grips the tires and is equally suitable for snowy regions and steep driveways.

Potential problems with the Security Chain Company SZ486 Tire Chains

The bag provided to store the chain is too small to accommodate it. You might be having trouble in rolling up the chain for putting it inside the bag. However, the small size of the bag helps you to carry the chain easily at the back of the car.

A few users have complained regarding the size of the chain. According to them, the chain does not fit the tires of different models of vehicles as claimed by the manufacturers. Many users have also complained that the traction offered is not up to the mark.


Final thoughts on the SZ486 Chains

As compared to the other SCC products, this one has a lot of negatives and has thus received a bit poorer ratings from the customers. Some have mentioned that they suitable only for those who do not have problems “playing in the snow”.

Nevertheless, positive reviews are also there. The drivers of many large-pickup vehicles have been satisfied with the quality. They have been able to fit the chain to the tires at ease. They have also not faced any issues with the installation. Moreover, the space taken by it to operate gives it an edge over the others. This itself can be a reason for buying the chain. The negatives can thus be ignored.

The Security Chain Company SZ486 Super Z8 8mm Commercial and Light Truck Tire Traction Chain can thus be bought by the vehicle owners who are facing problems in driving through the snow or steep driveways.


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