Security Chain Company Z-547 in Review


There is a wide array of tire chains or tractions available in the market nowadays and it leaves us confused as to which one to choose. One great option here is the Security Chain Company Z-547 Z-Chain which is an extreme performance cable tire traction chain that uses manganese alloy cross members to provide great traction performance and is much more durable than conventional traction products. It is widely used by the police, army, fire, and ambulance in different places of North America.

Features of the Security Chain Company Z-547Security Chain Company Z 547

It comes with some great features such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive, and many electronically controlled systems which provide great usability. It has a unique cross-member pattern which gives it an edge over the other chains of its type. The rigid inside “hoop” that is found in most of the Z-chain products is replaced here by a semi-rigid steel cable which helps in rolling them up and storing them in a limited space. They are therefore easy to be carried and can be used whenever required.

What you can expect from the tire chains

The package includes an instruction manual that has the steps involved in the installation process explained in a simple and easy manner and helps you to put on the chains within no time and also in a hassle-free manner. Both the installation and removal processes are simple enough and the vehicle does not require to be lifted up during these processes.

The chain is designed in such a way that no damage can be caused to the vehicle body and mechanical components even after harsh treatments or when the vehicle is driven across rough terrains.

The inner cross member connectors and side cable fastening system enables it to work even within small spaces. It meets the class ‘S’ criteria of the S.A.E. requirements of the vehicles and is highly suitable for vehicles with limited clearance. They also have the unique property of SCC i.e. can be driven along the snowy roads at a speed of 30mph without leading to any kind of damage.

Also compatible with anti-lock brakes, all-wheel drives, traction controls, and other automated cars.

They are highly durable and can survive through harsh winters since they are not susceptible to rust.


Here are some specifications that you would need to look into before you decide to get this particular product. It will help you even more in making a smart decision regarding your purchase.

  • Weight: 11.24 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.3 by 9.4 by 8.6 inches
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Color: Black

This particular chain has been reengineered to fit the standard tires in today’s cars as well as other larger vehicles such as trucks and vans.

Issues buyers have faced using the Security Chain Company Z-547Security Chain Company Z 547

  • Though the installation process is easy once you follow the instructions, they take a bit more time as compared to the other SCC chains. As a result, your hands may be soaked or frozen by the time you have installed them successfully on your tires.
  • The sizing chart is wrong according to a few users and this leaves the customers confused.


The Security Chain Company Z-547 Z-Chains is an amazing choice for people who need sufficient traction on their wheels during times of snow. They offer many advantages over the other commonly available chains. However, the installation time is a bit more than the others, which, however, can be compromised considering the pros. The chains offer almost everything that the local drivers would need in order to feel confident and avoid accidents and are thus recommendable for all.


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